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Heart Disease and Diabetes

Current news, research and studies about heart disease, including stroke, cardiac arrest, clogged arteries, embolisms, stents, bypass surgery, statins, and more.

Study Finds DASH Diet And Reduced Sodium Lowers Blood Pressure For All

The DASH diet plus reduced dietary sodium lowers blood pressure for all persons, according to the first detailed subgroup analysis of the DASH study results.

Abnormal Fat Metabolism Underlies Heart Problems in Diabetic Patients

In those with diabetes, cardiovascular complications occur at an earlier age and often result in premature death, making heart disease the major killer of diabetic people. But why?

Study Shows Red Wine More Heart-Healthy Than Gin

When the choice is red wine or gin, choose red wine – at least when considering your heart's health.

Culprit Found for Increased Stroke Injury with Diabetes

Studies pinpointed a new mechanism involving a protein called plasma kallikrein that interferes with the normal clotting process in the brain following blood vessel injury with diabetes.
EKG Heart Test - Diabetes and Heart Disease Treatment for Doctors

Treatment Change to Prevent Heart Disease for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Four clinical trials have led researchers to call for a shift in diabetes treatment that includes medications to lower the risk of heart disease in type 2 diabetes patients.

Strokes: Dental X-Rays Reveal More Than Cavities

Dental visits usually result in patient recommendations to floss or reschedule more appointments to treat a cavity, however, some patients are learning they may be at risk for a stroke too.

Vitamin E Could Help 40% of Diabetics Ward Off Heart Attacks

Vitamin E supplements can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and related deaths for the 40 percent of diabetics who carry a particular version of a gene.
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Diabetes and CABG Surgery: Arteries Lead to Better Outcomes

More diabetic patients survive when only arteries are used for bypasses during coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, according to new findings. Diabetic patients who undergo...

American Heart Association Updates Heart Attack, Stroke Prevention Guidelines

To avert a first heart attack or stroke, physicians should routinely assess patients' general risk of cardiovascular disease beginning at age 20, according to new American Heart Association recommendations.

Study: Lower Income Means Higher Risk For Heart Disease

Protein linked to heart disease found to be more prevalent in low-income people, minorities and women; findings may help explain why the poor age faster.

Inflammation Blocks Impact of Heart Healthy Diets for Some

Natural chemicals in the body as a result of chronic inflammation may underpin the failure of healthy diet.
Journal of Medicinal Food

Black Raspberry Lowers Cardiovascular Risk in Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers investigated short-term effects of black raspberry on arterial stiffness - an indicator of cardiovascular disease - on people with metabolic syndrome. Researchers investigated short-term...

Study Shows Patients Taking Lipitor Show Significant Cardiovascular Benefit

Preliminary results showed diabetic patients who took the cholesterol-lowering medicine Lipitor had significantly fewer heart attacks, strokes and surgical procedures compared to patients who received placebo.
China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

Cardiovascular problems propelled by increases in high blood pressure and obesity are hitting the Chinese population, according to a new study. Is Western...

Blueberry Compound Shows Promise Of Lowering Cholesterol As Effectively As Drug

A compound in blueberries shows promise of lowering cholesterol as effectively as a commercial drug and has the potential for fewer side effects.

Triglycerides Count in Managing Heart Disease Risk

Cholesterol, both good and bad, gets plenty of attention when the subject is reducing the risk of heart disease. Yet triglycerides, a form of fat that circulates in the blood, merit similar attention.

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