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Heart Disease and Diabetes

Current news, research and studies about heart disease, including stroke, cardiac arrest, clogged arteries, embolisms, stents, bypass surgery, statins, and more.

Even with Regular Exercise, People with Inactive Lifestyles are More at Risk for Chronic...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 percent of Americans have inactive lifestyles and 75 percent do not meet the weekly exercise recommendations to maintain good health.

Study One Day May Lead to Ways to Reduce Heart Attacks in Diabetes Patients

Discovery could one day lead to new treatments to improve the ability of patients with diabetes to survive heart attacks and live with coronary artery disease.
Chronic Disease in Men from Plastic

Chronic Disease in Men Linked to Chemicals in These Plastics

Chemicals found in everyday plastics materials are linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in men, according to researchers.

Beneficial Effects of Alcohol: Researchers Urge Caution on Recent Results

According a new study of over 3,000 adults aged 70-79, the apparent association between light-to-moderate alcohol consumption and reduced risk of functional decline over time did not hold up after adjustments were made for characteristics related to lifestyle, in particular physical activity, body weight, education, and income.

Nutrition Advice Makes Heart-Healthy Diet More Satisfying

People who received dietary counseling to help them lower their cholesterol levels reported higher levels of satisfaction with their quality of life and health care than individuals who tried to lower their cholesterol in other ways, according to a new study.

Dipping Blood Sugar Levels Cause Surprisingly Irregular Heart Rhythms in Diabetics

Dangerous overnight blood sugar levels often go undetected and cause prolonged periods of heart rhythm disturbances in older patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Blueberry Compound Shows Promise Of Lowering Cholesterol As Effectively As Drug

A compound in blueberries shows promise of lowering cholesterol as effectively as a commercial drug and has the potential for fewer side effects.

Exercise, Not Diet, May Be Best Defense Against Heart Disease

Despite widespread attention to diet, calorie intake may not be a major factor in causing death by heart disease.

Severe Complications of Diabetes Higher in Depressed Patients

Depression raises risks of advanced and severe complications from diabetes, including kidney failure, blindness, heart attack and stroke.

Study: Nanotechnology Shows Early Promise to Treat Cardiovascular Disease

A new tactic in the battle against cardiovascular disease – employing nanoengineered molecules called "nanolipoblockers" as frontline infantry against harmful cholesterol – is showing promise in early laboratory studies.
Metformin Helps Diabetics with Heart Attacks

Diabetes Drug Helps Body Rebuild After Heart Attack

New light has been shed on how a common diabetes drug can be used to aid recovery from a heart attack, an important step since heart disease is the leading cause of illness in people with diabetes.

Heart Attack Patients May Benefit From Drinking Tea

Drinking tea on a regular basis may help protect patients with existing cardiovascular disease, according to a study which finds that tea consumption is associated with an increased rate of survival following a heart attack.
Pizza with Ham: Americans Are Eating Too Much Sodium, Not Enough Potassium

Americans Consuming Too Much Sodium, Not Enough Potassium

Most Americans are consuming too much sodium, and not enough potassium, with some differences based on sex and ethnicity. A majority of Americans consume too...

Lipoic Acid (ALA) Could Reduce Atherosclerosis, Weight Gain

A new study has discovered that supplements of lipoic acid can inhibit formation of arterial lesions, lower triglycerides, and reduce blood vessel inflammation and weight gain - all key issues for addressing cardiovascular disease.

American Heart Association Updates Heart Attack, Stroke Prevention Guidelines

To avert a first heart attack or stroke, physicians should routinely assess patients' general risk of cardiovascular disease beginning at age 20, according to new American Heart Association recommendations.
Ambulance EMT Unit - Single Low Blood Sugar Emergency Increases Risk of Death and Heart Disease

Single Hypoglycemic Emergency Raises Risk of Death within 3 years for Diabetics, Says Study

Alarming study showed that within three years of a dangerously low blood sugar episode requiring an emergency department visit, one-third of those in the...

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