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Heart Disease and Diabetes

Current news, research and studies about heart disease, including stroke, cardiac arrest, clogged arteries, embolisms, stents, bypass surgery, statins, and more.

Heart Benefits from Alcohol: What do People Think?

The public is divided on the heart benefits from alcohol consumption - and a recent study details how perceptions vary between different groups of...

Mayo Clinic Study: Don’t Stop Taking Aspirin Before Heart Surgery

A new Mayo Clinic study provides further evidence of aspirin's benefits for patients with heart disease and suggests they should continue taking it even in the days leading up to surgery.

Inflammation Blocks Impact of Heart Healthy Diets for Some

Natural chemicals in the body as a result of chronic inflammation may underpin the failure of healthy diet.
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After Menopause, Hormones With Statins May Help Heart, Prevent Stroke, T2 Diabetes

Study shows that women who took both hormones and statins had a significantly lower risk of dying of any cause and a moderately lower...

High Pulse Pressure Associated With Greater Death Risk in Dialysis Patients

study of dialysis patients indicates that a new way of looking at traditional blood pressure numbers may be important in determining which patients are at highest risk of dying.

Short-Term Exercise Significantly Increases Insulin Action, While Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Trend Downward

Carefully controlling the amount of food and drink that formerly sedentary, overweight people ingest during and after short-term exercise has a significant impact on insulin action

Stanford Researcher: Hassle-Free Stroke Prevention Offered By New Drug

People who take a commonly prescribed yet problematic drug called Coumadin to prevent stroke or blood clots may soon have a hassle-free alternative.

Diabetics’ Heart Attack Risk Can Be Reduced, Research Finds

People with diabetes who maintain intensive, low blood sugar levels are significantly less likely to suffer heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

Gene Variant Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Hypertriglyceridemia

A rare gene variant in humans helps to protect against two of the country's top killers -- type 2 diabetes and heart disease -- as well as against hypertriglyceridemia and pancreatitis.

Warning: Diabetes Drug and Blood Thinner Mix Leads to Serious Interaction

University of Southern California study provides evidence of potent drug-to-drug interaction between a commonly used type of blood thinner and certain diabetes drugs.   A blood...

Diabetes Among Siblings, Obesity: Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Two important risk factors for metabolic syndrome, family history of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, are independent predictors of heart disease.

Walking Restores Vascular Health Damaged by Prolonged Sitting

Vascular function is impaired when a person sits for hours, but walking after a prolonged period of sitting can restore vascular health. Learn more...
China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

Cardiovascular problems propelled by increases in high blood pressure and obesity are hitting the Chinese population, according to a new study. Is Western...

Diabetes Tied to Altering of the Heart’s Circadian Clock

A new research study has found that diabetes, the cause of numerous heart disorders, likely disrupts the organ's circadian clock. When the heart is out of sync with the rest of the body's 24-cycle, necessary responses may not occur, and heart failure could be the result.

For Type 2 Diabetics: Increased Risk of Death Linked to Insulin Dosage

Researchers were able to show a correlation between patients treated with a higher dosage of insulin and a raised risk of cancer development, heart attacks and stroke.

Insulin Pump Cuts Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Half

People with type 1 diabetes who use insulin pump therapy face almost 50% less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who take...

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