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Heart Disease and Diabetes

Current news, research and studies about heart disease, including stroke, cardiac arrest, clogged arteries, embolisms, stents, bypass surgery, statins, and more.

Preliminary Study Finds Adult Stem Cells From Blood Can Repair Heart

Based on promising animal data, researchers say that cells taken from a patient's own blood may one day be able to repair heart tissue that has been damaged.
Drs. Rudolf Lucas and Maritza Romero

Unhealthy Fat Levels in Type 1 Diabetes May Be Treatable

A drug being studied to block cancer growth has been shown to restore healthier levels of fat, or lipids, in people with type 1...

Studies: Diuretics Reduce Risk of Death From Congestive Heart Failure

Diuretics reduce the risk of death, delay heart deterioration and improve exercise capacity in patients with congestive heart failure.

Blueberry Compound Shows Promise Of Lowering Cholesterol As Effectively As Drug

A compound in blueberries shows promise of lowering cholesterol as effectively as a commercial drug and has the potential for fewer side effects.

First Clinical Trial of Red Wine Ingredient Shows Beneficial Metabolic Shifts

When obese men take a relatively small dose of resveratrol in purified form every day for a month, their metabolisms change for the better.

Acetaminophen May Protect Against Heart Damage

New research from Rutgers links acetaminophen, the medicine in pain relievers such as Tylenol, to improved heart muscle recovery following ischemic attacks – periods of reduced blood flow typical of coronary artery disease.

Fast Cooking Diabetics May Be Able To Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Cooking food for short periods of time, at minimum safe temperatures, may lower the risk of heart disease for diabetics according to a new study appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Will A Banana A Day Keep A Stroke Away? Low Potassium Intake May Increase...

People with a low amount of potassium in their diet may have an increased risk of stroke according to a new study.

Aspirin As Effective as Ticlopidine in African American Stroke Prevention

Results show that aspirin can be as effective as ticlopidine for prevention of a second stroke in African Americans.

Study of Diabetic Veterans Details Frequency of Health Care Needs

A study of 33,481 diabetic veterans suggests that many of these individuals carry an extremely heavy burden of other diseases.

Bundling 2 Low-Cost Heart Drugs Prevents Heart Attack and Stroke in Large, Diverse Population

A program that bundled two generic, low-cost drugs and gave daily doses to diabetics or heart disease sufferers is estimated to have prevented heart attacks and strokes in the first year.

Sex And The Heart: It’s Not What You Think

A surprising new study finds that women in their 60s have as many risk factors for heart disease as men, and by their 70s have more, according to research.
leader cells

Mysteries of Wound Healing Unlocked: Big News for Diabetes Patients

A research team discovered how cells know to rush to a wound and heal it, opening the door to new treatments for diabetes, heart...

Study Identifies Key Factor that Links Metabolic Syndrome

A new study led by researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center has identified insulin resistance in the liver as a key factor in the cause of metabolic syndrome and its associated atherosclerosis.

Insulin May Prevent Thrombosis Leading to Heart Attack and Stroke

Study Suggests Insulin May Have Potential to Prevent Thrombosis Leading to Heart Attack and Stroke, Reduces factors promoting clotting, platelet aggregation

Using Stem Cells to Help Heart Attack Victims

New research at The University of Nottingham is paving the way for techniques that use stem cells to repair the damage caused by heart attacks.

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