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Extensive and current diabetes news articles, including diabetic drug recalls and more.

Insulin Pill to Replace Insulin Injections for Type 2 Diabetics

New Insulin Pill for Type 2 Diabetics to Replace Injections

Researchers have developed a capsule that can deliver oral doses of insulin, potentially replacing injections for type 2 diabetics.
Dogs and Diabetes - Can Dogs Help People with Diabetes

Study: Dogs Can Help Diabetics Regulate Sugar Levels

Can dogs help people with diabetes regulate their insulin levels? Find out what a new study has found about dogs and owners living with diabetes.
Lowering Insulin Cost for Diabetics

Plan to Combat Soaring Insulin Costs Proposed to Lower Costs for Diabetics

A new proposal details how insulin costs can be lowered for diabetics, and the top 3 insulin manufacturers are taking steps to make insulin less expensive.
Depression and Diabetes

Diabetics More Likely to Die from Alcohol, Accidents or Suicide

A recent study provides some insight as to why diabetic patients are more likely to die from alcohol-related factors, accidents or suicide.
Sugar Free Ice Cream Recall

No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream Recall Due to Listeria

Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream, Inc. of St. Petersburg, FL is conducting a voluntary recall of No Sugar Added Vanilla and No Sugar Added...
Ham Recall - Smithfield Ham Listeria Recall 2018

Nationwide Ham Recall – High Health Hazard – Multiple Brand Names and Stores

Ham recalled due to Listeria contamination. Illnesses and death reported. 90,000 pounds affected, sold in multiple stores under various names. See details.
Massive Beef Recall in US for Salmonella by JBS Tolleson

Massive Beef Recall Hits United States, Multiple Illnesses Reported

Massive Beef Recall in the US for Salmonella contamination announced by JBS Tolleson. Many illnesses in multiple states have been reported. View the full details, product list and labels.
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

Adding Dapagliflozin to Metformin or Insulin Improved T2D Glycemic Factors

Researchers used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to assess the effects of adding dapagliflozin to a regimen of either metformin or insulin in patients with...
Vitamin B Supplements Help Kidney Function in Type 1 Diabetic Children

Vitamin B Supplements May Protect Kidneys in Type 1 Diabetic Children

Vitamin B deficiency is associated with an increased risk of kidney damage in people with type-1 diabetes, but Vitamin B supplements may help preserve kidney function.
Why Some People Have Diabetes Remission and Other Don't

Type 2 Diabetes Trial: 46% Achieve Diabetes Remission Within 1 Year

After one year, 46% of the Type 2 Diabetic individuals in the intervention group recovered and maintained control over blood glucose concentrations.
BPA linked to Diabetes - Plastic Bottles

“Safe” Level of BPA Not So Safe, Leads to Insulin Resistance

Levels deemed safe by FDA for BPA exposure isn't safe and causes insulin resistance. BPA is found in register receipts, plastic containers and more. But, does BPA cause diabetes?
10-hour window protects from metabolic disease

Periods of Fasting Protects Against Obesity and Diabetes, Nurture Health

Can fasting for a specific period of time each day help prevent obesity, diabetes and other health conditions? Researchers detail their findings from a recent study.
Norbert Leitinger, Ph.D. (left), and Vlad Serbulea, Ph.D.

Discovery Details How Obesity Causes Disease – and 2 Ways to Stop It

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine explains why obesity causes harmful inflammation that can lead to diabetes, clogged...
Gestational Diabetes Increases Risk of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Symptoms Linked to Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes Increases risk of postpartum depression according to recent study. The effects appear within a certain time frame during and after pregnancy...
Diabetes Medicine Helps with Heart Health

Diabetes Medicine with Additional Heart Benefits Rivals Statin Therapy

A drug used to manage diabetes may reduce heart disease and death in people with diabetes regardless of their cholesterol levels and whether they are on a statin therapy.
Epithelial in Vivo Regeneration

Breakthrough Technique Turns Open Wounds and Ulcers into Skin

New technique to treat large cutaneous ulcers, including those seen in people with severe burns, bedsores or chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, announced by researchers.