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Statins and Memory Loss

Short-Term Memory Loss Due to Statin Drugs Not Likely

Researchers have examined the link between statins, which are cholesterol-lowering drugs, and memory impairment. Findings suggests that statin users need not worry about an...
Statin Diabetes Link

Are Statins Causing Diabetes? Disturbing Link Found.

Patients that were prescribed statins were 87% more likely to develop diabetes, even though they were free of heart disease, diabetes, and other severe...
Tricor compared to Marijuana

Popular Cholesterol Drug Activates the Same Receptors as Medical Marijuana

New research in The FASEB Journal suggests that fenofibrate activates cannabinoid receptors and may become a viable treatment option for relieving pain, stimulating appetite,...
Statins, Cholesterol, Heart Disease

Statin Guidelines Missing Middle-Age Patients, Over Targeting Seniors

The new guidelines for cholesterol-lowering statins in people with heart disease risk excludes middle-aged adults who could benefit most, and leads to over-prescribing seniors...
Onion extract, diabetes and cholesterol

Onion Extract Lowers High Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Levels When Combined with Metformin

According to a new study, the extract of onion bulb strongly lowered high blood glucose and total cholesterol levels when given with the antidiabetic...

People Who Inherit Cholesterol Disorder Have Lower Rate of Diabetes

Rates of type 2 diabetes in people with familial hypercholesterolemia (a genetic disorder characterized by high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels) was lower than...

Pesticide Exposure in Womb Linked to Slow Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes

The study is the first to show that developmental exposure increases the risk of females later developing metabolic syndrome -- a cluster of conditions that include increased body fat, blood glucose, and cholesterol.

Common Heart Drug’s Link to Diabetes Found by Researchers

Researchers may have found a novel way to suppress the devastating side effect of one of the worlds' most widely used drugs to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

False Sense of Security Among Statin Users Leading to Heart Disease and Illnesses

People who take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol appear to have developed a false sense of security that could lead to heart disease and other obesity-related illnesses.

Effect of Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol on Risk for Cognitive Decline in Diabetics

Intensive blood pressure and cholesterol lowering was not associated with reduced risk for diabetes-related cognitive decline in older patients with long-standing type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Drug Interactions Causing Significant Impact on Statin Use

A new study has found that many people who stopped taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs were also taking an average of three other drugs that interfered with the normal metabolism of the statins.

Study: Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Statin May Reduce the Benefits of Exercise

Researchers found that a widely used statin hindered the positive effects of exercise for obese and overweight adults.

Widely Used Cholesterol Medicine May Increase Muscle Pain

Up to 75-percent of patients who take a widely used cholesterol medicine to treat high cholesterol may end up suffering from muscle pain.

Men May Be at Increased Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease When They Have Certain...

Among nearly 45,000 men who were followed up for more than two decades, those with the risk factors of smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes had an associated greater risk of developing PAD.

Research Suggests Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Improve Cholesterol as Previously Thought

Vitamin D has been touted for its positive effects on a range of human systems, from enhancing bone health to reducing the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Study: Statin Potency Linked to Muscle Side Effects

A study reports that muscle problems reported by patients taking statins were related to the strength or potency of the given cholesterol-lowering drugs.