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Mental Stress May Be Another Culprit In Raising Cholesterol Levels In Healthy Adults

There is good evidence to show that stress can increase a person's heart rate, lower the immune system's ability to fight colds and increase certain inflammatory markers but can stress also raise a person's cholesterol? It appears so for some people.

Drug Lowers Conversion to Type 2 Diabetes by 81% in Multicenter Study

Individuals in a prediabetic state who were treated with the oral medication pioglitazone were 81 percent less likely to convert to diabetes than those who received a placebo.

Link Between High Cholesterol And Better Cognitive Performance Found

What's bad for your ticker may be good for your bean, according to research from a team of scientists at Boston University.
Photo of Woman with Baby: Breasfeeding Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Breastfeeding Reduces a Woman’s Risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes

A recent study has shown that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, including conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes,...

Study: Plant Sterol Pills Significantly Lower LDL Cholesterol

A pill containing plant substances called sterols can help lower cholesterol.

Statins May Simulate Stem Cells For Heart Repair

The drug pravastatin, which is used widely to decrease high cholesterol, may provide a previously unknown cardiovascular benefit in addition to lowering lipids.

Exercise, Diet, Supplements Play Role in Lowering Cholesterol without Drugs

When it's time to rein in cholesterol, the go-to prescription is usually statins. These medications can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) from 25 percent to 50 percent, but statins aren't for everyone. The Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource outlines other ways to lower cholesterol.

Study Suggests High Consumption of Omega-3’s Reduces Obesity-Related Disease Risk

A study suggests that a high intake of omega-3 fats from fish helps prevent obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Nearly Half of People Who Need Cholesterol Treatment Don’t Get It

Even though treatment for cholesterol disorders can reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel disease by about 30 percent over five years, many at-risk people aren't getting adequate treatment.

Researchers: Statin Users Risk Heart Attacks by Dropping Treatment or Taking Low Doses

Thousands of statin users worldwide are suffering preventable heart attacks, simply because they are not complying with their treatment or are taking too low a dose, according to new research.

High Cholesterol Predicts Lower Mortality in Dialysis Patients But Is Not Protective

Kidney dialysis patients with higher cholesterol levels die at a lower rate than those with lower cholesterol levels.

Derivative of the Green Tea Leaf May Help With Metabolic Syndrome X

Metabolic Syndrome X is the term used to describe a group of heart disease risk factors.

Leptin Replacement Therapy Drastically Reduces Triglyceride Levels and Controls Diabetes in Certain Patients

Leptin replacement therapy drastically reduces triglyceride levels and controls diabetes in patients with lipodystrophies.

Scientists Find Protein May Be Key to New Therapies for Elevated Triglycerides

Researchers have identified a potential target for the development of new therapies to treat hypertriglyceridemia, a lipid disorder commonly seen in people who are obese and diabetic.

Pieces Coming Together in Parkinson’s, Cholesterol Puzzle

Finding gives one more piece in the puzzle about the role of cholesterol in Parkinson's disease.

Garlic Does Not Appear to Lower Cholesterol Levels; May Still Possess Cardiovascular Benefits

Three forms of garlic, including raw garlic and two types of commercial garlic supplements, did not significantly reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad") cholesterol during a six-month trial.

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