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Stanford Researcher Studies Newly Discovered ‘Good’ Cholesterol Gene

Study could lead to new therapies for heart disease.

Birch Bark Ingredient Comes with Many Metabolic Benefits

An ingredient found in abundance in birch bark appears to have an array of metabolic benefits, according to new studies that are reported in the January issue of Cell Metabolism.

Triglycerides Count in Managing Heart Disease Risk

Cholesterol, both good and bad, gets plenty of attention when the subject is reducing the risk of heart disease. Yet triglycerides, a form of fat that circulates in the blood, merit similar attention.

Bad Cholesterol: Genes Make The Difference

Why does it seem like some people can eat all the ice cream they want without increasing their cholesterol or gaining much weight? Because people's genes play an overriding role.

Leptin Replacement Therapy Drastically Reduces Triglyceride Levels and Controls Diabetes in Certain Patients

Leptin replacement therapy drastically reduces triglyceride levels and controls diabetes in patients with lipodystrophies.

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Cold Tolerance

Researchers have discovered that many of the genetic variations that have enabled human populations to tolerate colder climates may also affect their susceptibility to metabolic syndrome.
Tricor compared to Marijuana

Popular Cholesterol Drug Activates the Same Receptors as Medical Marijuana

New research in The FASEB Journal suggests that fenofibrate activates cannabinoid receptors and may become a viable treatment option for relieving pain, stimulating appetite,...

Diabetics’ Heart Attack Risk Can Be Reduced, Research Finds

People with diabetes who maintain intensive, low blood sugar levels are significantly less likely to suffer heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

Newly Found Form of Cholesterol is Super-Sticky and ‘Ultra-Bad’

Scientists have discovered why a newly found form of cholesterol seems to be 'ultra-bad', leading to increased risk of heart disease.

High Cholesterol Linked to Tendon Problems and Pain

If you have high cholesterol, then you may be at a higher risk of developing tendon problems, low level inflammation and pain. High levels of...

High Cholesterol Predicts Lower Mortality in Dialysis Patients But Is Not Protective

Kidney dialysis patients with higher cholesterol levels die at a lower rate than those with lower cholesterol levels.

FDA Alerts Consumers and Health Professionals to Recall of Counterfeit Lipitor

FDA announced a recall of three lots of 90-count bottles of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor.

Drug Lowers Conversion to Type 2 Diabetes by 81% in Multicenter Study

Individuals in a prediabetic state who were treated with the oral medication pioglitazone were 81 percent less likely to convert to diabetes than those who received a placebo.

Study: New Research Finds Direct Link Between High Cholesterol and Prostate Cancer

Researchers from Italy have found what they believe to be the first direct link between high cholesterol levels and prostate cancer.

People Who Inherit Cholesterol Disorder Have Lower Rate of Diabetes

Rates of type 2 diabetes in people with familial hypercholesterolemia (a genetic disorder characterized by high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels) was lower than...

Nutrition Advice Makes Heart-Healthy Diet More Satisfying

People who received dietary counseling to help them lower their cholesterol levels reported higher levels of satisfaction with their quality of life and health care than individuals who tried to lower their cholesterol in other ways, according to a new study.

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