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FDA Alerts Consumers and Health Professionals to Recall of Counterfeit Lipitor

FDA announced a recall of three lots of 90-count bottles of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor.

Derivative of the Green Tea Leaf May Help With Metabolic Syndrome X

Metabolic Syndrome X is the term used to describe a group of heart disease risk factors.

Task Force Issues Two Recommendations on Screening for Diabetes in Adults and Pregnant Women

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that adults with high blood pressure or high cholesterol be screened for Type 2 diabetes.

Stanford Researcher Studies Newly Discovered ‘Good’ Cholesterol Gene

Study could lead to new therapies for heart disease.

Nutrition Advice Makes Heart-Healthy Diet More Satisfying

People who received dietary counseling to help them lower their cholesterol levels reported higher levels of satisfaction with their quality of life and health care than individuals who tried to lower their cholesterol in other ways, according to a new study.

Combining Key Ingredients of Vegetarian Diet Cuts Cholesterol Significantly, Says Study

A diet combining a handful of known cholesterol-lowering plant components cut bad cholesterol by close to 30-percent in a recent study.

High Hostility May Predict Heart Disease More Than Other Risk Factors Such As Cholesterol

Hostility may predict heart disease more often than traditional coronary heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol, cigarette smoking and weight.

Exercise Shown to Have Positive Effect On Cholesterol

For the first time, Duke University Medical Center researchers have demonstrated that exercise -- without accompanying weight loss -- has a positive impact on improving cholesterol levels.

Researchers Link Red Wine to Good Cholesterol

Researchers in France have found differences in red wine drinkers' good cholesterol, which could account for the drink's beneficial effects against cardiovascular disease.

Extended-Release Niacin Effective in Low Doses for Diabetics

Niacin, a medication once discouraged for the treatment of lipid abnormalities in patients with diabetes, has the potential ability, when given in low doses, to be well-tolerated and effective.

New Cholesterol Disorder Discovered – As Predicted From Gene’s Role

A team lead by UCSF medical researchers has discovered a new disorder that can cause severely elevated blood cholesterol levels and may affect several hundred thousand people in the U.S. and Europe to varying degrees. The malady is caused by a single gene defect.

New Data Show Fast and Significant Weight Loss With Xenical Sustained Over Time

The weight loss medication Xenical helps patients achieve rapid and sustained weight loss according to the results of a new study designed to reflect real world usage of Xenical in clinical practice.

Leptin Replacement Therapy Drastically Reduces Triglyceride Levels and Controls Diabetes in Certain Patients

Leptin replacement therapy drastically reduces triglyceride levels and controls diabetes in patients with lipodystrophies.

World’s Largest Cholesterol-Lowering Trial Reveals Massive Benefits for High-Risk Patients

Around a third of all heart attacks and strokes can be avoided in people at risk of vascular disease by using statin drugs to lower blood cholesterol levels – irrespective of the person’s age or sex, and even if their cholesterol levels do not seem high.

Do Eggs Have a Lipid That Lowers Cholesterol Absorption?

Nutrition researchers at Kansas State University have published the first evidence that the absorption of cholesterol is reduced by another compound in the egg, a lecithin.

Study Finds Colesevelam Effective in Reducing LDL Cholesterol

Colesevelam hydrochloride appears to be an effective lipid-lowering agent that significantly reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, according to a study published in the October issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

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