Diabetes News Videos

This area features engaging diabetes-related news videos, newscasts, and shows about diabetes. Topics include recalls, research and studies, treatments, diabetes management, statistics, clinical trials, related conditions and more.

Video: Fasting-Mimicking Diet May Reduce Disease Risk Factors and Reverse Diabetes

Research in cells suggests that a fasting-mimicking diet may reprogram pancreas cells that are unable to produce insulin and enable them to repair themselves and start making it.

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JDRF President Derek Rapp on Artificial Pancreas System Approval

Derek Rapp - JDRF

Derek Rapp, JDRF President and CEO, celebrates FDA’s Approval of the Medtronic Hybrid Closed Loop System, with the feeling that it will significantly improve glucose control and reduce the burden of type 1 diabetes.
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University Project Turns a Smartphone into an Artificial Pancreas

A high-tech University of Virginia project to turn an ordinary smartphone into an artificial pancreas that could transform the lives of people with type-1 diabetes. [Read more…]

Update from T1 Woman Who Had Her Insulin Production Restored

Watch this video with Wendy Peacock, the Type 1 diabetic woman who had her natural insulin production restored following a minimally invasive transplant technique. [Read more…]

News Report: T1D Woman’s Insulin Production Restored After Procedure

Reports about the Diabetes Research Institute’s successful procedure that restored insulin production in a woman with type 1 diabetes.

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CBS News: Vaccine May Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

A generic vaccine for tuberculosis is showing promise for the treatment of type 1 diabetes after reversing the disease in it’s phase 1 trial. [Read more…]

Travel Tips for People with Diabetes

Diabetes doesn’t keep David Marrero from traveling. But he makes sure he plans ahead when he takes a trip. Learn about some of David’s tips for traveling with diabetes.

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Nick Jonas Slams Crossfit About Diabetes Tweet

Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman recently tweeted something that offended many people in the diabetes community, including Nick Jonas. Good Morning America picked up the story and aired this segment. [Read more…]

Tim McGraw with America’s Diabetes Challenge

Tim McGraw has seen first-hand how type 2 diabetes impacts Americans from all walks of life – it’s affected his family, friends and fans. He’s a strong believer in making healthy choices and through this program, Tim is encouraging people with diabetes to accept our challenge by pledging to work with their doctor to set and reach their own A1C goal. [Read more…]

Diabetes and Dental Health

Jim Morellie tells us why keeping your blood sugar under control can help fight gum disease for patients with diabetes. This news story has lots of great information about caring for your teeth and gums, including oral hygiene tips for diabetics.
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