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Current diabetes related recalls and alerts, including recalls on diabetic drugs, devices, blood glucose meters, medical equipment, food, test strips, supplements and more.

Alert: Walnut and Trail Mix Recall Expanded Due to Salmonella

Aurora Products, Inc. is expanding its voluntary nationwide recall of certain lots of NATURAL WALNUTS and TRAIL MIXES CONTAINING WALNUTS, because they have the...

Alert: Certain Type 2 Diabetes Drugs May Cause Disabling Joint Pain

The FDA is warning Type 2 Diabetics that their medication may cause them severe, disabling joint pain. Several popular diabetes drugs contain sitagliptin, saxagliptin,...
Ajinomoto Windsor Recall

More Brands Added to Frozen Vegetable Recall in U.S., Canada & Mexico

Ajinomoto Windsor is recalling several products under various brand names due to the risk of Listeria related to the CRF frozen vegetable recall. This...

Cucumber Recall Due to Salmonella Hits 27 States

At least 285 people in 27 states have become ill from cucumbers due to Salmonella contamination. Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce (“A&W”) of San...

Nationwide Brilanta Recall by Astrazeneca Due to Acute Renal Failure Risk

Astrazeneca is recalling limited lots of of BRILINTA because bottles contain the wrong medication, which can lead to advere renal effects. Voluntary recall limited to...
Recall of Garden of Living Meal Replacements Raw Meal

Recall: Meal Replacements by Garden of Life

Recall of various Garden of Life Meal Replacement products, sold online and in retail stores, due to possible risk of Salmonella, which can cause...

Alaris Syringe Pump Recall: Alarm Error May Cause Interruption of Therapy

An error in the Alaris Syringe Pump model number 8110 triggers a visual and audible alarm and causes the pump to stop supplying the...
Novo Nordisk NovoPen Recall

Novo Nordisk Recall: Novopen Echo Insulin Delivery Devices

Novo Nordisk is recalling certain Novopen Echo Insulin Delivery Devices due to potential health risks, including high blood sugar levels.

Urgent Medical Device Correction for HeartMate II from Thoratec

Thoratec has recently received reports of patients experiencing advisory alarms for expired System Controller backup batteries. Three patients were unable to connect their pump...
Spice Recall

Spice Recall Due to Salmonella Hits 21 States

A spice recall extends to 21 states due to salmonella risk.
Recall Blood Pressure and Heart Medicine

Recall Expands for Various Heart and Blood Pressure Medications Nationwide

Recent recall of drugs used for high blood pressure and heart failure has been expanded to include all lots, including Amlodipine, Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide.
Gold Medal Flour Recalled

General Mills Flour Recall Hits 20 States

General Mills is involved in a multi-state recall of flour sold in several popular retail stores and supermarkets due to the risk of E....
Cheese Recalled by Chapel Hill Creamery

Recall: Cheese Products in 5 States Due to Salmonella

  15 different styles of cheese sold in 5 states have been recalled due to the risk of Salmonella contamination. Chapel Hill Creamery in Chapel Hill,...
Riomet Metformin Recall

Riomet Metformin Lots Recalled Due to Contamination

Riomet Metformin, used to treat type 2 diabetes in adults and children over 10, has been recalled due to contamination. See full details and lot information.

Sanofi Recalls Auvi-Q for Potential Inaccurate Dosage Delivery

Sanofi US is voluntarily recalling all Auvi-Q because the products have been found to potentially have inaccurate dosage delivery. The recall involves all Auvi-Q...
Maytag Blue Cheese Recall - Wedges

Nationwide Recall on Blue Cheese Expanded

The nationwide recall on Maytag Blue blue cheese products, which may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, has been expanded. Maytag Dairy Farms is expanding its...

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