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Current diabetes related recalls and alerts, including recalls on diabetic drugs, devices, blood glucose meters, medical equipment, food, test strips, supplements and more.

Bhu Foods Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - Recall

Nationwide Protein Bar Recall Due to Listeria Risk

Bhu Foods is recalling several varieties of their protein bars, which are popular among diabetics because they are low carb, low sugar, and high fiber, due to possible health risk.

Nationwide Recall of Eye Wash and Irrigating Solutions

There is a reasonable probability of a potentially sight-threatening eye infection through the use of a contaminated eye wash or irrigating solution product. United Exchange...
Recall Hampton Creek Blueberry Muffin Mix

Recall of Muffin and Cake Mixes Due to Salmonella

There is currently a recall of muffin and cake mixes due to the risk of salmonella, which can cause serious and potentially lethal infections...
Ajinomoto Windsor Recall

More Brands Added to Frozen Vegetable Recall in U.S., Canada & Mexico

Ajinomoto Windsor is recalling several products under various brand names due to the risk of Listeria related to the CRF frozen vegetable recall. This...

Supplement Recall: Smart Lipo Recalled due to Undeclared Sibutramine, Desmethylsibutramine, and Phenolphthalein

122 lots of Smart Lipo are being recalling due to potentially life-threatening reactions which are especially dangerous to people with high blood pressure and...
Photo of Senior - Seniors Over-Prescribed High Risk Meds

Seniors Over-Prescribed High Risk Meds, Causing Injuries

Recent study finds that high risk medications are often prescribed at higher than recommended daily doses for seniors, resulting in more injuries from falls. ...
Spice Recall

Spice Recall Due to Salmonella Hits 21 States

A spice recall extends to 21 states due to salmonella risk.
Pepper Jack Cheese Photo - Cheese Recall Expands to More Styles

Cheese Recall Expands to More Bulk and Retail Cheese Products

Cheese recall expands to include more brands due to contamination of Listeria monocytogenes, which can be especially dangerous for diabetics. The recently announced nationwide cheese...
Muffin Mix Recall

Bread, Muffin and Brownie Mixes Recalled Due to E. coli

A long list of bread, muffin and brownie mix products sold under a variety of brand names are being recalled due to the risk...
Gold Medal Flour Recalled

General Mills Flour Recall Hits 20 States

General Mills is involved in a multi-state recall of flour sold in several popular retail stores and supermarkets due to the risk of E....

Alert: Walnut and Trail Mix Recall Expanded Due to Salmonella

Aurora Products, Inc. is expanding its voluntary nationwide recall of certain lots of NATURAL WALNUTS and TRAIL MIXES CONTAINING WALNUTS, because they have the...
Nutrisystem Ice Cream Recall

Nationwide Ice Cream Recall Hits Multiple Brands

An extensive, nationwide recall due to the risk of Listeria monocytogenes has been expanded to include more brands, such as Blue Bunny, Nestle, Nutrisystem...
Watt's Brothers Farms Recall

Trader Joe’s, Watts Brothers Added to Frozen Vegetables Recall

ConAgra Foods has recalled several frozen vegetable products from the Trader Joe's brand and Watts Brothers Farms brand (sold at Costco) because they may...

Recall: Soybean Sprouts & Mung Bean Sprouts from Good Seed Inc.

Good Seed Inc. of Springfield, VA is voluntarily recalling all packages of soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts because they have the potential to...
Savory Twists = Recalled Gift Baskets

Recall of Food Gift Baskets Include Sam’s, Costco, Wine Country

A number of gift baskets sold nationally are being recalled due to the boxes of Blue Cheese Savory Twists included inside due to the...

Frozen Vegetables Recalled in 16 States and Canada

15 frozen vegetable items sold in 16 states and Canada may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and are being recalled. CRF Frozen Foods of...

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