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News about conditions related to diabetes, or diseases that people with diabetes often have, such as neuropathy, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, heart disease, blindness and more.

Antioxidants, Blood Sugar, Type 2 Diabetes, Red Wine, Tea, Polyphenolics

Food scientists have found that certain antioxidants found in red wine and tea may help regulate the blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes by inhibiting the action of alpha-glucosidase that controls the absorption of glucose from the small intestine, and protect the body from complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
Is Late-Night Snacking Your Brain's Fault

Late-Night Snacking: Your Fault or Your Brain’s Fault?

Researchers are shedding new light on why you, your friends, neighbors and most everyone you know tend to snack at night. After gobbling the fourth...

Researcher: Childhood Obesity Leads To Adult Diabetes

Researcher says parents, especially minority parents, now need to be concerned about Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.

Study Shows Patients Taking Lipitor Show Significant Cardiovascular Benefit

Preliminary results showed diabetic patients who took the cholesterol-lowering medicine Lipitor had significantly fewer heart attacks, strokes and surgical procedures compared to patients who received placebo.

Chronically Elevated Blood Sugar Levels Disable ‘fasting Switch’

Continually revved up insulin production slowly dulls the body's response to insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels start to creep up, setting the stage for diabetes-associated complications such as blindness, stroke and renal failure.

Managing High Blood Pressure In Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers Could Save Lives

High blood pressure has been known to be a bad companion of diabetes for many years. New papers offer clinicians some effective treatment options for diabetes sufferers with high blood pressure.

Warning: Diabetes Drug and Blood Thinner Mix Leads to Serious Interaction

University of Southern California study provides evidence of potent drug-to-drug interaction between a commonly used type of blood thinner and certain diabetes drugs.   A blood...

Obesity is a Family Illness: Research Offers Clues on How to Stop the Cycle

The first step in addressing the obesity epidemic is to teach parents of young children how to eat right, according to new research published in Preventive Medicine.

Research Finds That Diabetes Disease-Management Programs Improve Quality of Care; But Patients’ Health Outcomes...

With diabetes disease-management programs becoming more commonly used among physician groups, the question arises: Just how effective are they at improving patient care?
Diabetic Retinopathy Breakthrough Could Prevent Blindess

Discovery Could Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy, Blindness

Scientists have round a therapeutic target for diabetes-related blindness that could prevent one of the most common and debilitating side effects of diabetes -...

Is a Stressful Family Life Making Kids Fat? Study Examines Link.

A University of Houston study examined the relationship between chronic family stress and adolescent obesity. Find out what researchers learned. Adolescent obesity is a...

New Measure Trumps HDL Levels in Protecting Against Heart Disease

Recent findings have called into question the notion that pharmacologic increases in HDL cholesterol levels are necessarily beneficial to patients.

Sex And The Heart: It’s Not What You Think

A surprising new study finds that women in their 60s have as many risk factors for heart disease as men, and by their 70s have more, according to research.

Low-Sodium Diet Does Not Raise Blood Cholesterol Levels

Reducing the amount of sodium in a person's diet does not increase blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Metabolic Syndrome – Don’t Blame the Belly Fat

Abdominal fat, the spare tire that many of us carry, has long been implicated as a primary suspect in causing the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that includes the most dangerous heart attack risk factors: prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and changes in cholesterol.

Veterans More Overweight Than General Population, Study Finds

More than two-thirds of women and almost three-quarters of men receiving care at Veterans Affairs outpatient facilities in 2000 were overweight – a higher percentage than among the general population.

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