High Cholesterol

Breastfeeding Reduces a Woman’s Risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes

Photo of Woman with Baby: Breasfeeding Lowers Risk of Diabetes

A recent study has shown that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, including conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, but success depends on the duration of nursing.

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Too Much ‘Good’ Cholesterol Not So Good, Leads to Premature Death

Salmon - Good Source of Good Cholesterol

Researchers were surprised to learn that too much ‘good’ cholesterol increases a person’s risk of dying early, the same result as when their levels are too low.

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Sugar Industry Cherry Picked Data to Blame Fat for CHD

Sugar Industry Blames Fat for Heart Disease

A disturbing report published by JAMA details the lengths the sugar industry has gone to since the 1950’s to cast fat as the cause for coronary heart disease, while downplaying the risk from sugar consumption, and casts light on the perils of industry sponsored research.

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Personalized Nutrition Beats “One Size Fits All” Approach in Dieting

Personal Diet Plan vs. One Size Fits All

A new study has found that a personalized, or individualized, approach to dieting is more effective than the one-size-fits-all approach many people are encouraged to follow.

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Volanesorsen Improves Blood Sugar Control in Type 2 Diabetes

Volanesorsen Blood Test - Diabetes

Penn researcher finds volanesorsen improves insulin sensitivity, glucose control for type 2 diabetics with high triglycerides.

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Air Pollution Linked to Poorer Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Pollution Affects Blood Sugar Levels and Cholesterol

Exposure to air pollution has an especially negative impact on people with diabetes, which includes worsening blood sugar levels.

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Fewer Heart Attacks if Statins are Prescribed Differently, Says Study

Fewer Heart Attacks if Statins are Prescribed Differently, Says Study.

A research team has developed a new approach to prescribing statins which would lower the risk of heart attack for many people.

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Taking Statins Before Aneurysm Repair Improves Outcomes


According to research published in Vascular, patients taking cholesterol-lowering statins before endovascular aortic aneurysm surgery are more likely to survive.

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High Cholesterol Linked to Tendon Problems and Pain


If you have high cholesterol, then you may be at a higher risk of developing tendon problems, low level inflammation and pain.

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For Type 2 Diabetics, Wine Improves Sugar Control, Cholesterol and Heart Health


Drinking a glass of red wine every day as part of a healthy diet can help patients with type 2 diabetes improve cardiac health and manage cholesterol — and both red and white wine can improve glucose control for some.

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